Daniel Hartness

Data Visualization Designer

North Carolina Data Dashboard Project



Daniel Hartness is an undergraduate student at WCU pursuing a double-major in Computer Information Systems and Integrated Health Sciences. Currently, he works as a Data Visualization Designer for the North Carolina Data Dashboard Project and manages a team of three students. Daniel has two years of professional experience creating visualizations with tools like Tableau and using them to effectively explain the meaning of the data to stakeholders and business professionals. He also has experience in strategic planning and has worked with the North Carolina Arboretum and Harris Regional Hospital in developing their strategic plans. Finally, he has experience in using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to improve the marketability and search ranking of organizations.

Daniel is available to develop visualizations to help you better understand and tell a story with your data, and discover trends. He is also available to help with SEO and discuss using data to best plan your business strategy.