Wayne Aho


Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship, College of Business



Dr. Aho teaches entrepreneurship at both the graduate and undergraduate level. Courses include innovation and creativity, and entrepreneurial growth. Dr. Aho has also taught management and international management courses during his career at Western Carolina University. Dr. Aho offers insights for new start-up activities as well as entrepreneurial activities within an existing business. Dr. Aho spent over 30 years in the corporate world including senior level positions as vice-president of sales and vice-president of international sales for A-dec, Inc., one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high quality dental equipment.


Dr. Aho has a particular passion for developing people and identifying strategies for personal and professional growth. Dr. Aho has delivered numerous corporate keynote speeches and led multiple sales meetings and business development outings during his career in the corporate world. He is available for select consulting engagements and speaking opportunities.