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Neil Brown

Adjunct Instructor, Marketing



Neil Brown is the Owner and Principal of Stratamar, a strategic marketing consultancy specializing in helping emerging businesses position, strategize, and market their products and services cost-effectively, both online and offline. Mr. Brown is a Senior Marketing Advisor at Bankworld (contract), a banking consulting firm, and in that capacity he has worked with banks in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Vietnam, Bangladesh and the Republic of Georgia. Prior to starting Stratamar in 1997, he had 20 years of experience in financial services marketing with commercial banks in New York, Indiana, and Ohio. His experience covered both retail and business-to-business marketing, and included major work in commercial product development, marketing research, cash management, marketing management, and advertising. He is an Adjunct Faculty Member in the Marketing Department at Western Carolina University, and has also taught at Ohio Dominican University, among others. He is the author of two books on international travel, and is currently writing a book on financial product development.

Neil also has extensive experience in training officers of banks in emerging countries on topics such as product development and management, customer service, sales, sales management, marketing research, and advertising. He has created and conducted training sessions for the Central Bank of Bangladesh; Vietin Bank in Hanoi, Vietnam (2 trips for an IFC project); BasisBank in Tbilisi, Georgia (2 trips); ArdshinBank in Yerevan, Armenia (4 trips); and multiple banks in Baku, Azerbaijan on a project for USAID (6 trips).

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