Business Development & Management

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WCU’s CEI has PhD faculty and experienced industry professionals available to help you with a wide variety of business needs. Many of our faculty experienced highly successful careers in senior management with a great deal of international experience.  We are committed to regional economic development and your success which also coincides with the mission of the university. For more information fill out our contact form or call our Director, Ed Wright at (919)609-8102.

Research & Reports for Decision Making

CEI offers a variety of business research and professional writing services designed to provide you with the in-depth knowledge and the strategic analysis needed to make complex decisions in your business. Our research experts provide validated marketing research reports, competitor benchmark studies, commercial feasibility studies, and big data analysis in an easy to use format with as much explanation and help as you desire. For more information please fill out our contact form or call our Director, Ed Wright at (919)609-8102.

Successful business' use strategic plans

New Product Development

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CEI provides a wide variety of assistance to inventors, design engineers, and marketeers interested in new product development.  Several of our consultants are patent holders.  Others have launched new products into worldwide distribution channels.  WCU’s Rapid Center is a terrific resource for low-cost, product design and prototype development.  Especially beneficial is our commercial feasibility research to estimate the value of pursuing a patent or business launch before investing a significant amount of money (or risking months or years of your time).  Contact CEI today for expert help and pragmatic guidance.

Technical Services

CEI has access to the complete laboratories and services of WCU with excellent PhD chemists, engineers, and forensic experts. We offer a wide-variety of services from DNA analysis to chemical analysis.  CEI has assisted multiple outside organizations with analyses of human and animal remains, biodiesel fuel testing, hemp testing, and other detailed analyses. Contact for more information. 

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