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CEI offers a variety of business research and professional writing services designed to provide you with the in-depth knowledge and strategic analysis needed to make complex decisions in your business. Our research experts provide validated marketing research reports, competitor benchmark studies, commercial feasibility studies, and big data analysis in an easy-to-use format with as much explanation and help as you desire. 



Research Servies



Feasibility Studies

Our expert researchers and new product development specialists help inventors and entrepreneurs decide whether to patent an idea or move forward with a go or no go investment decision. Our researchers have expertise and experience in project development and project feasibility and are able to provide detailed research on the commercial feasibility of a potential product, service, or business venture. Many innovative ideas fail for lack of an adequate market for the product and the US Patent Office is full of expensive utility patent applications for inventions that had no market potential. Before you invest your time in money in pursuing a new product, venture, or patent explore the feasibility of your project.



  • Technical Feasibility Report

  • Commercial Feasibility Report

  • Financial Feasibility Report

Market Research Studies

CEI has performed marketing research studies, both big and small, in a wide-variety of commercial settings.  Many times, senior-level and graduate students can be employed to minimize costs (and provide them with valuable experience).  These studies are overseen by CEI faculty and consultants to insure professionalism in the outcome.  Have a new product idea? Want to find the best location for a new business?  Interested in the latest social, economic, technological, or political trends that may affect your business?  CEI can help.  We have access to excellent secondary research data from a variety of sources.  We conduct first-level research in the form of focus groups, surveys, interviews, and experiments (when needed).

Economic Impact Studies

Our Ph.D. level Economists provide detailed economic impact studies for a variety of organizations and purposes.  We have assisted county governments, municipalities, charitable organizations, and others by conducting research and big data analysis of findings to project the influence of projects, policies, and developments. 

Strategic Plan

Do not rely upon a brainstorming session with potentially biased participants.  Develop a completely data-driven 5-year plan with a novel approach to determining grand strategies geared toward growth and sustainability.  Our previous Executive Director, Ed Wright has written “A Guide to Strategic Planning: How to Build AND Critique a Plan with Data AND Research,” and the WCU Management Capstone professors have assisted over 200 local, national, and international clients with professionally prepared strategic plans. 


Our professionals facilitate your leadership team in preparing a 25-50 page, professionally written, research based,  5-year plan. A typical plan contains An executive summary; an external situational analysis complete with an environmental scan of trends, an industry analysis, market analysis, and competitive benchmarking; an internal situational analysis and SWOT analysis; grand strategy alternatives, strategy determination; program recommendation to implement strategies; goals and objectives; and a one-page, strategic plan summary document.  

Feasibility Study
Maket Resarch
Economic Impact
Strategic Plan


83% rated the experience as “positive and enjoyable”

85% reported improved results and value

84% found better strategy and motivation


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WCU’s CEI has PhD faculty and experienced industry professionals available to help you with a wide variety of business needs. Many of our faculty experienced highly successful careers in senior management with a great deal of international experience.  We are committed to regional economic development and your success which also coincides with the mission of the university. 

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