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Scott Radar


Professor of Marketing & Entrepreneurship

College of Business, Western Carolina University



Dr. Rader teaches in the MBA program (marketing management), Master of Entrepreneurship program (entrepreneurial marketing, entrepreneurial finance), and upper-level undergraduate courses (social  media marketing, global consumer culture, marketing analytics).  He teaches market research methodologies for doctoral students (Vietnam; UNESCO Philippines). He received his PhD and MBA, both with concentrations in Marketing, from the University of Tennessee. He is also keynote lecturer for JB Media Institute’s Social Media Marketing Certification program in Asheville, NC.



Dr. Rader has over 20 years of corporate and entrepreneurial work experience in the areas of information technology, web and social media marketing, customer communications, and marketing research.  Career highlights include customer relations and communications for IBM/Prodigy, marketing strategy at Pricewaterhousecoopers, product development at (later to become Google AdWords).  In addition, Dr. Rader has more recently provided marketing consulting services for 3M Corporation (Minnesota), ESPE (Germany), and iPlay, Inc. (Asheville).  He is available for membership on board of directors/board of advisors, as well as select consulting engagements in social media marketing strategy and marketing research.

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