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Steven Kuehl

Mechanical Engineer

Intellectual Property Facilitator



Steven Kuehl is a seasoned facilitator of Invention Workshops with over 100 invention workshops since 2004 spanning the US, Europe, Brazil, Mexico, China and India, Steve is also a GBTRIZ (Guided Brainstorming Theory of Inventive Problem Solving) certified facilitator. Being one of the few trained and experienced invention workshop facilitators, Steve brings value to the organization by assisting clients in the self-development of unique solutions to complex and simple problems and even helps identify previously unidentified problems the customer needs solved. 

Not only is Steve an expert helping others develop original intellectual property by facilitating invention workshops, but Steve is also a prolific product development engineer/Inventor. He has 31+ years of Global Corporate 500 consumer product development experience and 100+ US patents across multiple product areas. 

He earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Tech with focus on thermal/fluid analysis followed by a MS in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University, Herrick Laboratories. 

His professional development initiated with the tracking & development of domestic appliance technologies, product architectures and process concepts culminating with feasibility studies, prototype fabrication and cost & performance evaluation. Demonstrating a penchant for invention, this evolved into corporately supporting project teams to extract out their inventions and driving breakthrough concept solutions. This enabled expanding market leadership, which is, in turn, supported by patent positions via internal generation and at times in conjunction with select suppliers. 

Additionally, Steve developed extensive experience in patent (tools, management & generation) and in establishing Intellectual Property (IP) coordinator (patent engineer) roles and communities of practice. 

Through long term close association with Mson-IP (IP searches) and Nyemaster Goode (IP counsel) Steve can assist clients of any size save on subsequent search and filing costs for patent acquisition.

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