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Feasibility Studies & Reports

What We Offer


Our expert researchers and new product development specialists help inventors and entrepreneurs decide whether to patent an idea or move forward with a go or no go investment decision. Our researchers have expertise and experience in project development and project feasibility and are able to provide detailed research on the commercial feasibility of a potential product, service, or business venture. Many innovative ideas fail for lack of an adequate market for the product and the US Patent Office is full of expensive utility patent applications for inventions that had no market potential. Before you invest your time in money in pursuing a new product, venture, or patent explore the feasibility of your project. For more information please fill out our contact form or call our Director, Ed Wright at (919)609-8102.


  • Technical Feasibility Report

  • Commercial Feasibility Report

  • Financial Feasibility Report

Our Experts

Scott Radar

Martin Tanaka

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