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Strategic Planning

Why You Need a Strategic Plan


Do not rely upon a brainstorming session with potentially biased participants.  Develop a completely data-driven 5-year plan with a novel approach to determining grand strategies geared toward growth and sustainability. 


Our Director, Ed Wright has written “A Guide to Strategic Planning: How to Build AND Critique a Plan with Data AND Research”, and the WCU Management Capstone professors have assisted over 200 local, national, and international clients with professionally prepared strategic plans. 


For more information please fill out our contact form or call our Director, Ed Wright at (919)609-8102.

What We Deliver

​Our professionals facilitate your leadership team in preparing a 25-50 page, professionally written, research based,  5-year plan. A typical plan contains: An executive summary; an external situational analysis complete with an environmental scan of trends, an industry analysis, market analysis, and competitive benchmarking; an internal situational analysis and SWOT analysis; grand strategy alternatives, strategy determination; program recommendation to implement strategies; goals and objectives; and a one-page, strategic plan summary document. 

Our Experts

Scott Radar

Edward Wright

Yue C Hillon

Tonya Snider

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