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Dr. Ed Wright

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Patent Assistance

CEI assists inventors, students, engineers, and entrepreneurs with pragmatic advice and para-legal services for obtaining US and international patents.  Multiple CEI consultants have been awarded patents in a wide-variety of fields including mechanical mechanisms, medical products, outdoor gear, and apparel.  We provide good value prior to your contacting a patent attorney for expensive prior art searches or provisional patent applications.  WCU’s Rapid Center can also provide design guidance and innovative modifications to further the possibility of a utility patent approval or to increase features and benefits of a product.  Contact Dr. Ed Wright or call 828-227-3603 for assistance. 

Our Experts

Edward Wright

Jon Marvel

Leroy Kauffman

Scott Radar

Tonya Snider

Wendy Cagle

Elise Holbrook

Kadence Otto

Martin Tanaka

Todd Creasy

Vittal Anantatmula

Yue C Hillon

Grace Allen

Ken Sanney

Patrick Hinkle

Tom Rogers

Wayne Aho