Leadership Training & Coaching

CEI provides Individualized Leadership Training and Coaching for senior level executives or high-potential managers.  These sessions can be tailored to specific needs (social intelligence improvement, decision making, vision, core values, etc.).  We also offer good management and leadership training for groups in a 10 week, 3-hour classroom setting that has received superlative critiques from participates throughout the region.  Many of our faculty have senior level, global management experience and can help with cultural differences, acquisition integration, and team building.  Contact Dr. Ed Wright at CEI@wcu.edu or 828-227-3603 to discuss your specific training and coaching needs.

Our Experts 

Daniel Hartness

Heidi Dent

Kadence Otto

Paul Dent

Todd Creasy

Wendy Cagle

Ed Durkin

Jon Marvel

Martin Tanaka

Scott Radar

Vittal Anantatmula

Yue C Hillon

Edward Wright

Joshua Russell

Patrick Hinkle

Steven Kuehl

Wayne Aho