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Design for Manufacturing

CEI has terminal degree level faculty and engineers with high levels of technical knowledge and industry experience in Design for Manufacturing, LEAN, Six-Sigma production, statistical process control, and related programs to assist your business with improving manufacturing efficiency.  Multiple faculty  members have over 20 years of manufacturing experience.  We can help with design modifications, tooling, material choices, production processes alternatives, and other programs to eliminate defects or improve lead times as needed.  Contact Dr. Ed Wright at CEI at or call 828-227-3603. 

Our Experts 

Brian Whelen

Heidi Dent

Martin Tanaka

Paul Dent

Todd Creasy

Yue C Hillon

Bryan Schaffer

Joshua Russell

Nathan Johnson

Scott Radar

Vittal Anantatmula

Edward Wright

Kadence Otto

Patrick Hinkle

Steven Kuehl

Wendy Cagle

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