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Prototyping Services

CEI provides prototyping services through WCU’s Rapid Prototyping Center.  The Rapid Center is a university-based research and development center. Within a dynamic environment for hands-on rapid prototyping and experimentation, our industry-experienced faculty and staff work with business partners to address their specific needs and to remove obstacles to product commercialization and process improvement. The Rapid Center fosters a culture of collaborative innovation that helps clients refine existing products, develop new ones and improve business practices.


At the same time, our engineering students, working with faculty mentors and course instructors, work with The Rapid Center to address real-world problems for project sponsors while they gain hands-on experience during the two-semester senior capstone project.


The Rapid Center’s offices, classrooms and labs are located in the Belk Building and Center for Applied Technology. Our facilities are fully equipped with professional software and hardware that meets or exceeds industry standards for product design, development and testing.


The Rapid Center serves businesses and industries throughout the Southeast and beyond, providing access to world-class product development resources while working to achieve our goals of economic transformation and engaged learning.

Our Experts 

Brian Whelen

Heidi Dent

Martin Tanaka

Paul Dent

Todd Creasy

Yue C Hillon

Bryan Schaffer

Joshua Russell

Nathan Johnson

Scott Radar

Vittal Anantatmula

Edward Wright

Kadence Otto

Patrick Hinkle

Steven Kuehl

Wendy Cagle

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