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Business Plan Development

Ready to start your business but need a business plan.  The Small Business Development and Technology Development Center (SBTDC)  is a great place to start but the SBTDC requires you to have a business plan.  CEI can help. We can provide access to one of the many WCU student capstone projects for a low or no cost business plan; or, we can provide a graduate student or faculty consultant to quickly produce a professionally prepared, research-driven business plan.  Our professors of Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and Management have years of industry experience and professional contacts to get you up and running with coaching and mentoring support, as needed.

Our Experts

Bryan Schaffer

Paul Dent

Patrick Hinkle

Wendy Cagle

Yue C Hillon

Edward Wright

Brian Whelen

Heidi Dent

Steven Kuehl

Todd Creasy

Vittal Anantatmula

Nathan Johnson

Joshua Russell

Kadence Otto

Scott Radar

Martin Tanaka

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